Colombian photographer. 
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Name: Andrea velez
LOcation: Bogotá, Colombia

1. What would you like to share with the world?

My essence. Being a photographer for me has been a road of challenges. So my art will show to the world every time I did struggle with my reality and accepting myself as an artist. And after this year, you realized the world needs more artists. Because of the artist, there is hope in this world. 

2. What influences you and your art?

My roots. As a Colombian and Latin American I found out in nature and traditions a whole story of magical realism, this means, where reality overlap fiction. I've been carrying in my back my story, and my ancestors: a wish of freedom and respect. 

3. If you can change one thing from the world?

Fear. The fear of showing us as we are. I wish that social networks stop promoting fake ideals and heroes, and start to be used more as a platform for new talents and new ideas.  And create passion in young people before establishing a structure that kills creativity.