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made by

Anja Radović



Stoneware ceramic vases 

Every vase is a unique one-off production. The base of the vase is made by pressing the clay into cellulose packaging and build up with coiling and clay slabs on a slow wheel. 

Vases are hand-made out of white chamotte clay. On the inside, the vases are glazed with transparent glaze, on the outside they are hand-painted with different colored engobes and glazes. 



Name/Alias: Anja Radović

Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

What would you want to share with the world? 

Working with your hands brings a kind of joy in a way that cannot be created otherwise. It has a number of benefits for our mind, body and emotions.

What influences you & your art? 

I'm influenced by different kind of everyday life rituals and how we use, handle and interact with objects that are surrounding us.

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? 

Above all, I would slow down the pace of our life and consumption.