a foaming

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(All of this) in a tempo no longer accessible to me,

I know

building strength can be uncomfortable 

and I know

there is so much insistence on flatness survive this

flat ontology 

I would like to propose:

a topology of holes, knots and loops

and hula hoops

a topology that would take into account


                  tearing and gluing

                splitting and stitching 

and all other histories and

impossible specificities of our body

















our body as homotopic happiness



happy in a continuous deformation
from a cow into
                         a sphere

                  into tori / but when 

                                          when you look at it
it appears                magnified                     

parts just parts 

— like seeing an astronaut 

or a scuba diver 

in the sky

                                 / abruptly it cuts to a sandwich 

                                                                a yolk

                                                                an egg white

                                                                some dog hair

                             all blue everything 

















it repeats again

like gas smoke / smoke rings

not just random and rare

but it repeats

around itself 


























around everything laying latent in space

it repeats around

it repeats around 

moves around 

space it cuts





















and sometimes I’m so busy maintaining

this rhythm

this continuity

that when I close my eyes

for days on



I am left without images 

of my own.

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Name: Anne Ampersand

Location: Zagreb, Croatia


1. What would you want to share with the world? 


‘our body as homotopic happiness’



2. What influences you & your art? 


This and I’d like to also note that ‘a foaming’ is greatly indebted to CAConrad and their (SOMA)tic poetry ritual practice. 


3. If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? 


Subject/object dynamics and the impossibility to give a fun answer to this question.