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Meet Hristijan Vasilevski, a techno DJ emerging from the heart of Macedonia - Skopje. In a long journey of music exploration, he takes a significant leap in the year of 2021. 


A year which would mark an endless adventure around the techno and the broader dance music scene. A master in his own reigns, his work is pulsating with the rhythm of the city that he was raised in. His shows are usually filled with hypnotic energy while an all-consuming techno sound is pouring through the speakers.

Often fascinated by complex sounds and rhythms, Hristijan is looking for a sound language that can overcome languages and borders. Starting out with a strong local recognition, and with a fiery determination to make it happen, Hristijan becomes the latest resident DJ of the OVC Collective. 


His subtle blend of classic elements with fresh and unique twists to the sounds he spins, tells a bigger story of his innovative use of effects. With his recognizable style and sound, Hristijan is the DJ to look out for.

You can hear the latest set from Chrisot 

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