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Dushan Stefanovski (b. 1996, Skopje), an emerging artist with a formal background in printmaking, describes his works as pure visual signs that emerge spontaneously from any context. Having experience with graffiti he holds close to his method of work, using tools such as sprays and markers. But his work is also guided by the statement, the skill, and the desire to create a simple and recognizable visual mark. Therefore, Dushan’s approach is not limited only to traditional art media like canvas or printmaking, as he also works with found objects (found doors, wooden panels, frames) using them as surfaces. His enthusiasm and energy for creative work are more than obvious, situating his art as possibly limitless when it comes to its materiality.

"and i'm never coming home again"

64x46cm 2021


21x29cm 2022

"am i rich yet?"

73x56cm 2021


14x21cm 2022


21x29cm 2022

"anyone know any job openings?"

113x101cm 2022

"i wanted to put my arms around it"

50x70cm 2022

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