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Fine Art

Gjorgina Spasevska is a passionate painter from North Macedonia.
She composes evocative paintings that depict female splendor in all its power and subtlety.

It is cruel to limit ourselves with definitions and see ourselves outside or within a concept. I am many things both in art and outside of it. I am everything that makes me happy, everything that I don't like, everything that gives me peace and everything that gives me restlessness.

Art has always been a part of me, it wasn't a moment - love at first sight. Somehow the urge to express myself creatively has always been smoldering in me. I spent my childhood drawing thousands of pictures of the human body, palms, portraits. I would say that art has no end, we just mature with time.


I would not put geographical boundaries on art. The world needs art, wherever we create art by itself finds its way beyond the borders.

Let's allow ourselves to be present and enjoy the moment more.

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