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Hi all! :)  My name is Hristina Gjorgjievska, but my online presence is embedded as Hurisitin. I am an art student, majoring in printmaking, and a graphic designer / illustrator
@ creative studio Fabricca. The themes in my work revolve around bold, space-age and vibrant subjects, often portraying spirituality and music through a visual experience. Below are some of my favorite works, enjoy!<3 

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zdravo mladi w frame.jpg
36days w frame.jpg
self reflect w frame.jpg
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Name/Alias: Hurisitin

Location:  Skopje, Macedonia

What would you want to share with the world? *

A bit of optimism and happiness through graphic design and fine art 💞

What influences you & your art? *

Everything that I consider to be a problem in here, I am willing to fix it and move forward. I believe that color plays a vital role in the artwork, therefore I am inspired by cottagecore aesthetics, cute accessories and things that will melt my heart. In the hopes of aiming toward problematic subjects regarding ethics, mental health etc. I am willing to make my art on a first glance seem naive, but directly striking and open about what's wrong.


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