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Jelisaveta Rapaić is a cultural worker and an interdisciplinary artist, with a background in textiles and fiber art, currently based in Bratislava, Slovakia. In recent years she has been working in art institutions, such as Kunsthalle Bratislava, and other creative formations (Youth Biennial Belgrade 2021); particularly in curating, PR and project management.

Though she often uses text to express herself, her visual language is comprised of video, object, installation, in combination more tactile and traditional mediums and textile techniques.
She often uses disfunction, humour, escapism and familiar tropes to communicate on topics intertwined with high pressure contemporary culture anxieties such as wellness, environmental anxieties, wage making and womanhood; often falling back on the critique of coping mechanisms and false care systems.

Jelisaveta sees herself as a builder of different opportunities and spaces for interactions that might not happen otherwise, such as the traveling pop-up Hair Cutting Therapy Sessions which started at the beginning of the pandemic.



Name/Alias: Jelisaveta Rapaić

Location: Bratislava

What would you want to share with the world?

it Is okay to start x things at once, and to focus on task Y only when you know it is time to do task Z... at some point task Y time will come and you'll be glad you did it during task Z time. ...same applies for the rest of the alphabet. Also, everyone should find or create a safe spaces for failing and practice it.

What influences you & your art?

Almost always, it is a discomfort of or with something that pushes me to be fixated on the topic to the point of complete exposure, after which things can only get better :) Disfunctionality is a great love of mine. I believe in the honest power of kitsch and cringe too Care is necessary, but very rarely done properly. Humour and hope go hand in hand but taste better when used appropriately. Hanna Montana used to be a great inspiration to me, she could kinda have the best of both worlds. I try to be a bit like Hannah every day, some mornings I choose hairdressing, others I choose to stay in bed hah, but also 5/7 days im a cultural institution worker, but in the evenings I apply for open calls as I tel myself im an artist. Once or twice I was a singer, voice actress, writer...


If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Well there are so many things, I dont know where to start. But deleting borders is a nice start I think (plus if I get that one maybe the rest will fall into place).

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