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Aceedo is a Skopje-raised, Berlin-based promoter and DJ. His journey starts back in 2018 when, together with his best friends Soul Case and DJ Ux, he forms "Oubli" - music collective that aims to enrich the sluggish underground scene in Macedonia. Primarily working as a booker and promoter, he started spinning music during Covid and recorded his first mixes for "Amok Radio" in Skopje. Later, he continues his journey as a DJ and plays in places like "Minus Eden", "VHF Bar", etc. His approach to music is rather unique, can be described as a mind-expanding journey through the sounds of the late 80s and early 90s perfectly blended with fresh releases from nowadays. Together with Soul Case, they run "50eurogigs" - captivating YouTube channel dedicated to digging and sharing rare, unheard gems from across the globe.





What would you want to share with the world?

Take it slow and be present

What inspires you & your art?

Our inspiration comes from the everyday life - the streets, the record shops, the radios, the bars, the clubs, the sweaty dance floors, the crowd and their endless support

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Foster more empathy, understanding and compassion between people from different cultures and backgrounds


Soul Case is the alias of Bojan Janev, a Skopje based DJ, digger and promoter. Motivated by the lack of support given to young, creative individuals, he is constantly trying to push things forward - personally, but also in terms of diversifying and supporting the local scene. His projects "Oubli" and the more recent "Amok Radio", quickly gained huge appreciation across people in and outside of the country and turned out to be a much-needed refreshment in the rather dull society. He has become a staple in Skopje’s underground scene, holding various residencies at the legendary "Sektor 909" and the more recent "Minus Eden" club. He hasn’t gone unnoticed outside the country’s borders too - having spun records across dance floors in Japan, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro and more.

DJ Ux has been present in the Macedonian club scene for quite some time now and quickly became recognized for bringing back the glory days of the 80s and 90s music. Starting his career under the influence of hip-hop DJs like DJ Premier, Qbert, Jazzy Jeff and other greats, he has quickly moved over to mixing all kinds of dance music. As a resident DJ in "Sektor 909" (2018-2020) and part of the "Idemo Tuesday" residency in "Minus Eden" (2021-2022), Ux always makes sure to keep the crowd moving on all kinds of electronic beats. Apart from his residencies and playing in bars and clubs, he is one of the founders of "Oubli" and the more recent "Amok Radio" which in 2021 helped to rise back the underground music scene during and after the Corona outbreak.

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